The purpose of Physiotherapy is different for every patient coming through our door. The most common reasons are - Reduce and/or manage pain Returning to sport and activity faster Improve performance Prevent recurrence As Physio's we see the purpose also involving - Strengthening Increasing movement Educating for understanding and awareness Identifying future problems Self-management of our own body

What is our Physiotherapy (15 Types of Physiotherpahy)- Simply put we use our hands, exercise and education to get you better. What we do is evidence-based and clinically reasoned, so we can justify and explain our methods to you. We use progressive and up to date treatment in all areas of sports, spinal, lower limb, upper limb and occupational health, for all ages. We will always take a very detailed history, including other medical conditions you may have, so that we get a full picture, and can involve anyone else that is necessary including your medical specialists, other allied health specialists or your coach/trainer.

On your initial visit, our physiotherapist will listen to you, perform some tests to help give you a diagnosis, begin treatment and suggest some techniques to help yourself at home.

From there on, your assessment will be ongoing during treatment and if appropriate, we will develop a tailored exercise program to accelerate your recovery. Our team will ensure you understand your diagnosis and keep you updated on your prognosis.


Let us know your preferred time and date for your appointment we’ll get straight back to you.